Jonathan Hughes - London West

 I care passionately about access to safe and affordable housing, quality education and universal health care; and I will be a strong advocate helping to ensure that these are priority areas of focus for our government.

We must build upon our past success, continuing to attract jobs and further growing our economy.

Our path for the future must chart a way to shared opportunity for all Ontarians, recognizing and supporting those who are struggling to make ends meet. We must particularly care for our youth so they may reach their full potential; as well as care for our seniors so they can continue to live independently.

 We must maintain open, transparent and accountable governance, with the highest level of ethics and integrity.

I commit to being your community champion. I will reach out and engage with each of our neighbourhoods, listen to the needs, and make our joint voices heard in government. 

Let's build on the past to move forward for the future. Lets build a stronger more sustainable engaged London. 

“Forward Together”

Socially Progressive • Fiscally Responsible