Jonathan first moved to Canada over 20 years ago. As a first-generation Canadian, he is proud of his heritage, yet committed to London, which he now calls home. He lives with his fiancée in the heart of our downtown core in Ward 13.

Jonathan is a natural facilitator, guided by the principal that “Leadership is creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen”.  His enthusiasm and motivation are unparalleled and he approaches life constantly striving for excellence. Jonathan believes that when individuals come together to build a better future, real community comes alive. Likewise, he believes we need all levels of government working together to build a prosperous Canada.

Jonathan runs his own consultancy specializing in awakening teams to reach their full potential through strategic planning, leadership development and performance improvement. He also lectures at the university level in organizational behaviour, including change management and leadership. Jonathan has extensive earlier experience working as a production manager in a three-shift unionized environment and as an international software consultant in supply chain management.

Jonathan believes in community building, with many years as a housing advocate for the co-operative housing movement. In his spare time, he is an avid runner who has completed a dozen marathons; he also enjoys camping and is constantly inspired by the beauty of Ontario Parks.

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“Forward Together”