Relief Line - Further Consultation Meetings in November



The Relief Line is one of three related transit projects that Toronto's City Planning Division is working on in partnership with the TTC and Metrolinx. The others are the Scarborough Subway Extension and SmartTrack.

A new transportation model


As part of the work on all three projects, a new transportation model is being developed to estimate future ridership across the transit network. This model will help us better understand the role that each of these projects could play alongside GO Regional Express Rail in the transit network.


Upcoming public meetings


The next consultation meetings will be in November 2015, when they anticipate having the model results. The focus of the meetings will be:

  • Relief Line – Draft preferred corridor and potential alignments with station locations in the preferred corridor
  • Scarborough Subway – Draft preferred alignment and station concepts
  • SmartTrack  –  Interim results of the Eglinton West Corridor Feasibility Review, and further assessment of SmartTrack stations (awaiting ridership information).

More information


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  • Jonathan Hughes