Canada's Cities, Canada's Future - Endorse the Roadmap


The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has come together to put our important communities at the the heart of the federal election. They've developed a roadmap for a strong Canada.

They are asking you to endorse the roadmap to make the following municipal issues, federal election issues: 

Improvement of core municipal infrastructure.

Affordable housing.

Policing and disaster mitigation.

Environmentally sustainable, resilient and livable communities.

Global municipal connections through partnerships at home and abroad

Endorse the Roadmap

The FCM has made the following statement:

Each of us has a story about how a hometown teacher, librarian, firefighter, police officer, small business owner, artist, volunteer, entrepreneur, neighbour or friend has changed lives for the better. These stories are the building blocks for what makes Canada great.

These stories also point toward a better Canada—one of dynamic cities and communities with modern infrastructure that can compete with the best in the world; one with affordable, healthy and livable communities, both rural and urban, for Canadian families.

To realize this vision, we believe that all orders of government must work together and strengthen our economy from the ground up, shaping our future through our cities and communities.

With a strong federal partner, we can build the modern infrastructure we need to move forward. We can ensure our communities remain affordable and family-friendly. We can attract talent and investment and drive job creation.

By working together, we can strengthen our hometowns. That’s how we will build this country and ensure a better quality of life for all Canadians.

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