Pillar Equity & Inclusion Survey

Pillar Nonprofit Network survey on Equity and Inclusion: 

  1. What does equity and inclusion mean to you related to nonprofits and social enterprises?

    Equity is the fair and just treatment of everyone in our city, so that we all have an equal opportunity. It recognizes that those in marginalized and under represented groups may need additional supports to produce equal results.
    It is the shared responsibility of every Londoner to create an inclusive environment that is open, respectful and supportive for all of us to live, work, learn and play. Everyone should feel accepted, valued and that they belong. This is as applicable to nonprofits and social enterprises as it is to business and government.

  2. How do you currently support equity and inclusion in London? Please give examples.

    For me there are important ways we can support equity and inclusion:
    The first is to continue to educate ourselves in regard to those who feel excluded, whether today or through historic injustices. I was privileged to participate in an Urban League sponsored exercise at Atlohsa Native Family Healing services. This Blanket Exercise fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among indigenous and non indigenous peoples.

    The second is to publicly show our support for marginalized groups. I am proud to say I have marched in both the International Women’s Day Parade and the Pride Parade in London. And finally, through creating an inclusive and equitable environment. I have introduced a traditional land acknowledgement to the first class of each university course I instruct, and to meetings I chair at housing co operatives. I also make participants aware of services that are available to support them when appropriate.

  3. Once elected, how will you demonstrate that equity and inclusion are a priority for you? Please provide at least two specific examples/actions of support.

    I believe that equity and inclusion first and foremost needs to be a mindset rather than specific actions, and as such my first commitment is to consider these important principles in all decisions I contribute to at city hall.
    I have a passion for promoting safe and affordable housing for all, with many years of support to the co operative housing sector. I commit to working further in this regard, as I believe obtaining housing to be an important step for so many marginalized individuals in our society.

    I commit to playing my part to encourage city council to take further action towards the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    I also commit that when I hear language that is not in support of Inclusion, I will intervene.