We must protect and preserve our great neighbourhoods, while managing sustainable growth that unites us and brings our communities closer together.

As your councillor, I will focus on the following four priority areas: 

Developing a SUSTAINABLE downtown

I will focus on the revitalization of our downtown core as the heart of our city. I want every Londoner to have downtown at the top of their list when they think of desirable places to live, work, learn and play. 

We must ensure that redevelopment and growth is complementary to its surroundings, encompasses high-quality design, protects heritage conservation districts, includes affordable housing and supports those suffering from addiction. 

Connecting ENGAGED Neighbourhoods

I will support neighbourhood associations to strengthen our communities, and encourage
associations to come together within our 
ward and beyond to increase overall interaction and engagement.

We must ensure that we create a safe and secure, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all. I will pay particular attention to supporting our children, youth and seniors.

Integrating NETWORKED Transportation

I will look at the bigger picture so that transportation infrastructure serves us for decades to come. Decisions need to be evidence-based and supported by passenger density data. 

We must continue to push for high-speed rail to connect London to other major centres in Ontario.

We must take advantage of federal and provincial investment promised for our transit system. The current plan is not perfect, but it is a foundation that is flexible, extendable throughout the city, and adaptable to future technology. 

We must invest in active transportation including pedestrian walkways, commuter and leisure bike lanes, and multi-purpose trails and pathways.

Ensuring DEMOCRATIC Accountability

I will push for open, transparent and accountable governance. 

We must continue with ranked ballots; add term limits for councillors; and limit posting of election signs to thirty days before election day.